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COVID-19 GUIDANCE RESOURCES** - Important NCGE Update - 02/04/2020

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Further to yesterday's communication and following further supplementary revisions, please find links to updated Guidance Guidelines and information below. Should you have any queries, please contact NCGE directly.

Following the closure of schools and further education settings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department of Education and Skills and NCGE have developed the following Guidelines and Information for School Guidance Counsellors to support the delivery of online / remote guidance. While the information below is developed specifically for Guidance Counsellors in post-primary schools, it may be applied to one-to-one / small group meetings with students by any member of the student support team. These guidelines can also inform the provision of online / remote guidance counselling in the Further Education and Training (FET) sector; pending the development of specific guidelines for FET.

CLICK on the headings to access the relevant documents.


Continuity of Guidance Counselling:
Guidelines for Schools Providing Online Support for Students

(Department of Education and Skills)

The guidelines contained in this document are primarily intended to support post-primary school leaders as they plan for the continuity of guidance counselling support using technology or via the internet. These guidelines serve to raise awareness of the complex issues which must be considered before online guidance counselling or other 1:1 support is delivered.


Support Information for Guidance Counsellors in Schools

NCGE has developed this information for school Guidance Counsellors to support the delivery of remote / online guidance (partnering the DES document above). Local decisions about the nature and suitability of remote / online school guidance provision should be discussed and agreed by School Management and Guidance Counsellor(s) and documented accordingly. To provide clarity and to support post-primary school management and Guidance Counsellors in their planning and provision of one-to-one or small group guidance counselling and guidance classes to students during the Covid-19 school closures this information may be useful.


Supervision: Information for Supervisors and Guidance Counsellors
(Monaghan Education Centre)

The Dept of Education and Skills recognises the importance of continued supervision of School Guidance Counsellors during the school closures as a result of Covid-19. The above information is being issued to Supervisors and Guidance Counsellors for the organisation of the supervision programme at this time. 


DES Guidelines & NCGE Support Information to Schools


This PowerPoint slideshow (with integrated video) presents and summarises information contained in the three key documents above. We recommend that you play this 'slideshow' alongside your review of these documents.


Dedicated support pages

We have established a dedicated section on our website for the provision of ongoing information in relation to the support we are providing. This section contains pages with all of the information listed above and also contains 'link outs' to additional external resources and relevant information feeds.

Main section page


(Covid-19) Resources for Post-Primary


(Covid-19) Resources for FET


(Covid-19) Euro-Quest - FREE remote resource for schools



Sharing Developed Resources

NCGE is concerned with quality guidance provision in accordance with national and international best practice. We recognise that there are individuals and private agencies continually creating valuable resources that support the work of Guidance Counsellors across settings. As a response to this (and specifically in the context of Covid-19 school closures) NCGE will soon create and dedicate an online-space to facilitate the sharing of resources with others in the post-primary school guidance community, with a particular focus on how these resources can support quality guidance delivery online or remotely.

To that end and in order to recognise the range of resources available to Guidance Counsellors and to maintain a consistent standard across resources, NCGE are developing a common applicable 'assessment matrix'. Next week we will communicate the method by which you can share a resource or item of practice that has worked well for you.


Adult Education Guidance Services 'texting facility'

NCGE has been working closely with our IT provider to ensure that the texting facility within the AGMS is fully operational for all services. This facility allows AEGS staff to send texts (via the AGMS), with prior permission of the client already provided. 

Providing for a ‘cap’ of 500 texts per AEGS, funded for each of the ETB AEGS by NCGE, this extra 500 texts per service is now available.

NCGE has developed a short guide to using the text facility within the AGMS and this can be accessed at https://www.ncge.ie/covid-19/support/fet/resources

Specific Support for Further Education and Training (FET)

In conjunction with the Department of Education and Skills, SOLAS and ETBI, NCGE is currently developing a strategy of support for FET guidance provision. 

To facilitate and inform this support, over the past 10 days, Guidance Counsellors in ETB AEGS, CFEs & PLC settings and Youthreach – CTC Advocates were invited to complete a 'Guidance Contingency Planning' survey. We received nearly 90 individual responses and we are very grateful for all the contributions made. Supports being developed will bear in mind the nature of the concerns expressed, the support required and the new DES Guidelines issued.

NCGE will communicate these supports to you when they become available.
*VIDEO* Message of support from NCGE Director, Jennifer McKenzie

Contacting NCGE

The staff of NCGE are being supported to work from home, where possible, and are on hand to facilitate and support you as we work together throughout this challenging time.

The best method of contacting the centre remains through our dedicated SHARED e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Depending on the nature and context of your query, the appropriate team member will then respond directly to you. You can also access the contact details of individual team members HERE.

Stay additionally up to date by following NCGE on Twitter @NCGEguidance


DES Resources

The Department of Education and Skills has a dedicated section in place providing the most up to date and relevant information for educational settings

To find the latest information, including 'Guidance on Continuity of Schooling for primary and post-primary schools', click below.

>>Go to page

Government of Ireland information

The official Government information portal, providing information on measures being taken to protect citizens by delaying the spread of COVID-19, is available below. The general public is asked to follow this advice and stay informed.

Regular updated information is also available at the links below:
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